Monday, August 23, 2010

MuseAmi - Developer Demo; also, New York Times story introduces company, transcription software innovation by pianist Robert Taub

The New York Times on Saturday (Aug 21) ran an interesting story about the possibility of recording handwritten sheet music drafts (like old one from before the days of computers) and also encoding music as it is played on a conventional instrument, all of this being possibly interesting to new composers (certainly building on what Cakewalk offers).

The story is "For Pianist, Software Is Replacing Sonatas", by James Barron, p C1 Saturday, with link here. It concerns pianist Robert Taub, who organized a startup company called "MuseAmi", with basic link (wesbite url) here, and a YouTune channel.

There's no question that something like this could be a boon for me to get music going again.

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