Friday, July 23, 2010

Orchestras take to texting for encores, even "development"

The New York Times on Thursday July 22 offered an interesting article by Daniel J. Wakin in the Arts Section about symphony orchestras using text-message technology to solicit encores at concerts, secure contributions, and provide special packages to subscribers. The article is “Text-Message Virtuosos: Orchestras Seek BFF”, link here.

I’ve had two jobs with orchestras, one calling for contributions to a Guaranty Fund (Minnesota, 2002), and one selling subscriptions (Washington, in 2003). During those times, the jobs were completely manual and orchestras had not really caught up with using Internet technology for marketing. It seems as though social networking sites, especially Facebook, have changed their approach considerably.

A Dumbarton Concert in April allowed the audience to vote on paper what pieces they wanted a string quartet to play in the second half of a concert.

But technology seems to be changing the way operas, symphony orchestras, chamber groups, and individual classical musicians market themselves.

The media has widely reported the passing of Australian conductor Sir Charles Mackerras, 84, as with this bbc link.

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