Sunday, May 16, 2010

CBS 60 Minutes gives us an update on Dudamel; inspires youth programs around the country

CBS 60 Minutes, in a report (link) by Bob Simon, covered conductor Gustavo Dudamel this evening, starting by showing his rehearing the closing passages of Mahler’s First Symphony. The Mahler had been played in an opening concert in Los Angeles last fall.

He talked about the Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles, which had worked itself up to being able to offer a first class performance of Tchaikowsky’s Fourth.

The segment then covered a special music education program in Baltimore inspired by Dudamel, where some of the musicians work up close and personal with the kids, who find themselves wanting to stgay at school in order to perform.

The Minnesota Orchestra has had a Young People’s Concerts program since 1911, where musicians work with youth in a similar way. I called for contributions to this program in 2002 and 2003. The web link for the program is here.

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Wikipedia attribution link for p.d. photo of Gustav Mahler.

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