Sunday, March 14, 2010

CBS "60 Minutes": Pianist Derek Paravicini: improvisations

On Sunday, March 14, CBS 60 Minutes presented a segment about British pianist Derek Paravicini. At 30, he has recently given his first major concert in London, playing George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” with orchestra, and improvising jazz on his own. For Lesley Stahl, Derek improvised on the notes C-B-flat-F-sharp.

Derek was born premature and profoundly disabled: blind, with some learning disabilities similar to autism. He was taught piano, however, and developed the abilities of a savant.

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CBS also mentioned the book by Adam Ockelford, “In the Key of Genius” about Derek. I found the item only in Kindle format on Amazon, from Cornerstone Press, link here, ASIN: B0038LB4R6. CBS says it is also published by Random House.

On my movies blog on March 12, I reviewed a film, Kimberly Reed's "Prodigal Sons," where a man (Marc McKerrow) disabled by head injury demonstrates a similar talent on the piano.

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