Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Eigenharp videos demonstrate an instrument for "new music"

A trio group playing an electronic instrument called Eigenharp Alpha showed up yesterday (Nov. 24) as a YouTube “video of the day” "The Future of Music"). The trio plays instruments that are partly string partly wind, posted by Bohlal. The trio members were (according to the related video as best I could tell) Thad Kemp, Mark Wilson, Sydney Carter . The Eigenharp (link; also here on Facebook here) instrument is a long thin stick with 120 keys on the top, and 12 larger keys below; the keys are sensitive to pressure and axial orientation of the finger. It’s ironic that this video is popular at the same time that the film “(Untitled)” plays (reviewed Nov. 14 on the movies blog). Besides the “Alpha” there is an Eigenharp Pico. Will this show up on Jeopardy or Millionaire as a question?

The basic YouTube link is here; check the related videos.

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