Thursday, October 08, 2009

Cox Farms holds fall festival, offers music and "chutes and ladders"

Cox Farms , near Centrevile Va and near the Fairfax County and Loudoun County line on Braddock Road, has been holding its fall festival, with website here. The park is filled with sheaves, “chutes and ladders” and tunnels, and hayrides.

There is a stage with country and western music throughout the day (“I’ve been workin’ on the railroad”, and the like). Curiously, in the sheeps’ pen, leading to a chute, was airing Debussy’s “Claire de Lune”.

There were plenty of teacher-led field trips in progress on a schoolday, a warm October day with temperatures around 70.

The market there certainly reinforces an old kindergarten lesson, “pumpkins are orange.” When I was five years old, I wanted to draw them as red.

Also: horse show near Millwood VA, Oct. 2008.

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