Monday, September 21, 2009

Ellen show presents sensational street violinist

Today, the Ellen Show presented a fantastic 13-year old solo violinist named Justus Rivera, from Philadelphia, who says he is completely self-taught. I thought I heard him say he doesn’t like classical music, but he played some virtuoso Pagainini-like improvisations on the show. The link for Ellen’s “Video of the Day” is <here (no embed was offered).

Actor/director/producer/writer/Twitter-master/Renaissance-Man Ashton Kutcher discovered the boy playing at Rittenhouse Square in Central City Philly, with YouTube link here.

Here is an embed from the Philadelphia NBC affiliate where Rivera talks about meeting Kutcher.

View more news videos at:

Remember that Joshua Bell played at a Metro stop in Washington?

The Ellen Degeneres show today also offered a post-script from the Red Carpet act at the Emmy’s, with Andy Zenor, in shirt and tie, offering himself in the spirit of the 50s honky-tonk, “Who wears short shorts”. The video link is on the left side of Ellen’s home page. He caught a little bit of what has happened to Steve Carell, as the revelations continued. (Remember what happened to Troy McClain on The Donald's "Apprentice"?) It was hot outside in LA (September is LA’s warmest month), and they didn’t leave him alone. And he didn’t undergo it for a team. (See all May 14 2009 post, August update).

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