Sunday, August 02, 2009

W.A. Mozart: two more pieces found

Several media outlets are reporting the discovery of at least two very early
pianoforte pieces by W. A. Mozart, probably written down by his father Leopold as the boy played them. The pieces appear to contain a lot of technical difficulty and amazing “jumps.”

The Agence-France Press has a story here.

The best story may be the AP story by Veronika Oleksyn on ABC, that describes a piano concerto movement and a prelude, with the concerto possibly Mozart’s first known orchestral music now. The AP story contains replicas of four pages of sheet music that appear to be quite legible. The link is here.

It sounds unlikely that the music has the emotion that Mozart had developed by the time he wrote his Sinfonia Concertante, say K 364. Note the difference between the two G minor symphonies.

Music: my own juvenile themes, and that of a college roommate, 1961.

Update: August 18

Reuters has a story that Mozart may have died of a simple strep throat, link here. I recall my own last strep in 1983!

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