Monday, August 17, 2009

Secret Service, other fibbies hire actors for training gigs and "pop quizzes" (you have to be fit)

The U.S. government, especially the Secret Service, FBI, CIA, Capitol Police and US Marshalls hire actors to help them stage training exercises for agents. The fake incidents often occur in public places, such as motels, and the actors themselves may or may not need clearances.

Actors say they have taken jobs when they couldn’t get film or stage or TV parts, and find it more interesting than waiting on tables. The jobs tend to require a measure of physical fitness – not surprising, if you look at what it would take to film a whole season of “Supernatural” or “Smallville”. I suppose Tommy Lee Jones is the stereotype, but there is plenty of diversity sought.

The story, by Laura Blumenfeld on the front page of the Monday Aug. 17, 2009 Washington Post, is “ Threat Theater: For the actors, it's a living. For the officers, it's a test of nerve” with this link.

I don't know whether SAG (Screen Actor's Guild) of Aftra membership would have any effect on the jobs.

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