Sunday, April 19, 2009

Green Apples, Flaming Lips lead Washington DC Mall "Earth Day" concert

“Green Apples” (its link for DC Earth Day celebration)) and the psychedelic rock band “Flaming Lips”) helped make for a lively (pre) Earth Day concert on the Mall in Washington DC Sunday April 19.

One of the sequences started with the closing ballet from Igor Stravinsky’s “The Firebird” with its melodramatic B Major conclusion (sometimes heard in discos). I didn’t get the names of the performers, but I thought one of them was Wayne Coyne.

Lisa Jackson, director of the Environmental Protection Agency, made a passionate pep talk. She mentioned the EPA ruling last week, directed by a previous Supreme Court ruling (see Saturday on my issues blog).

Then the band entertained us with floating green volleyballs, bouncing around the crowd, and one of the performers got into a bubble and rolled around off the fingertips of the crowd. He looked like a caricature of a bubble boy from a sci-fi movie.

The stage was mounted on the East End of the Mall, just before the pond in front of the West side of the Capitol.

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