Saturday, August 30, 2008

BrickFair Lego exhibit held in northern Virginia

I visited the BrickFair (also try BrickStructures Lego bricks exhibit at the Sheraton Hotel in Tysons Corner, Virginia (at 8661 Leesburg Pike, between 123 and 267, on the south side of Route 7).

First, the crowds early this afternoon (Aug. 30) were much larger than expected. Hotel employees were chasing cars out of the hotel property onto adjacent office parks for parking, apparently having to negotiate with neighboring properties at the last minute to get more parking spaces; there own garage was full. There was a line outside the hotel, but it moved quickly. There was a little bit of confusion, but in about fifteen minutes I got the wrist band ($10 adult) to see the “model” exhibit.

I didn’t see the skyscrapers, as the Washington Post photo showed. Yes, I was hoping for a $10 trip to Dubai, to see a model of the Burj Skyscraper and also this in Flash. I was told that the skyscraper exhibit was in Chicago. A good YouTube video of the construction is here. A British newspaper has some really spectacular stills of the Burj and surrounding area under construction here.

Instead, there were three rooms. The first had feudal castles and a nice, accurate replica of Jamestown, as it would have been about a year after the 1607 settlement (about 8 miles from Williamsburg in the real world). A second room was packed with kids building their own models. The third room had the “model railroad” exhibit, with mechanical, crane contraptions setting off various “Matrix-like” gizmos. There was not as much “landscape” or “cityscape” as in other model exhibits, even with Lego trains.

In the hotel lobby there was also a replica of an airport terminal, complete with airliners.

The Washington Post "Weekend" (Aug. 29) article with pictures from other BrickFair exhibits is here.

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