Thursday, June 26, 2008

Smithsonian Folklife festival features live folk music from Bhutan

The Smithsonian Folklife festival on the Washington Mall features a couple of curious musical performances. One of these comes from Bhutan, with performers, in a monastic enclosure with artwork, playing a loud passage on a long horn (a dhung), in a melody consisting of held repeated notes with an occasional drop of a perfect fourth. There was a line that moved quickly to see the musicians and the exhibit. There was also a folk dance performance in a nearby tent. The Smithsonian writeup is here.

I have short five second videos (mpeg) of these at this link (folkm1 through folkm5).

There was also a performance of country and western from the “Texas Opry” (file follm4).

Even on a weekday (today), crowds were heavy, visiting free performances available from the Metro without the need to drive in these days of high fuel prices.

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