Sunday, June 08, 2008

"America the Fabulous": Washington DC Gay Men's Chorus Pride Concert at GWU

The Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington DC presented a pageant revue and concert called “America the Fabulous” at George Washington University’s Lisner Auditorium in Washington DC on June 6 and 7.

The program consisted of about fifteen items, many of them with the fill chorus, in various combinations with the five “semi-finalists” for “Miss Fabulous” (or “Fab-u-leux”) from around the country: Amarillo (Matt Komonik), Minneapolis-St. Paul (Craig Cippolini and Sharie Reppert), Manhattan (Nick Pietras), Nashville (Robert T. Boaz), and Malibu (Matt Gillette). At the end, the two MC’s (who would spin “Saturday Night Live” type jokes while the sets were changed behind the scenes for the chorus) asked for random questions from the audience, in a mock of the final rounds of the old Miss America pageants (that used to be hosted by Bert Parks). Miss Malibu, who presented himself as a surfer and swimmer as if he had appeared in the WB show “Summerland,” was voted the winner by voice volume.

The musical style was “pop” with a little country and western. ‘Act I’ included a little bit of tame disco-type teasing by Miss Nashville. Before the intermission the Chorus sang a “Tribute to America,” including the “Star Spangled Banner” and most of the audience gradually stood. For a moment, the concert resembled an SLDN (ServiceMembers Legal Defense Network) event.

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