Friday, May 16, 2008

Bono and U2 live "Vertigo" rock concerts call for worldwide human rights (film "U2 3D")

The Irish rock group “U2” has captured highlights of its Southern hemisphere “Vertigo” tour, performed by Bono, Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen, Jr. and “The Edge” in soccer stadiums with multiple stages, complicated light shows with animated characters. The effort is a 3-D “live” concert film from Buenos Aries, Santiago, and Melbourne. Most of the film seems to come from the Buenos Aries venue.

The film rises to passion about human rights and expresses the mandate to “coexist” with the “x” a blue religious symbol. It talks about the concept of “One” in several languages and concepts, mentioning that there is one origin of Abrahamaic faith. It enumerates universal human lights with a display of all the major Latin American flags in video above. At one point the singer asks he if is supposed to shut up and keep a low profile, or stand up and be noticed for his passions. It is a curious concept and paradox. The last section of the show does a play on letters, which become words, sentences, and “lies.”

The film (officially called "U2 3D" in imdb) is distributed by National Geographic Entertainment and was filmed by “3uality” which appears to be a company in Ireland. It is shown in Imax 3-D theaters, and runs for 85 minutes. The crowd is active, and in 3-D seems a continuation of the stadium-seated auditorium crowd. The music editor is Carl Glanville.

The concerts have connection to some organizations, such as One, for global AIDS funding, and Greenpeace, for the environment, which today runs a story about the fate of polar bears.

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