Friday, November 09, 2007

Musical requiem may be encoded in famous Da Vinci painting

A story by AP writer David Ariel “Leonardo Painting Has Coded ‘Soundtrack’” discusses a new book by Giovanni Maria Pala, “The Hidden Music” (“La Musica Celata”), in which he maintains that a musical composition, like a requiem, is encoded in Leonardo Da Vinci ‘s painting “The Last Supper”. The music would like sound like Renaissance music (which can sometimes sound “modern”). The book was published in Italy and does not yet show up on Amazon. A site for the book (in Italian) is this: The details for the book are La musica celata: With the collaboration of Loredana Mazzarella, Book+CD: Euro 15,00, ISBN 978-88-6206-005-9 (about $22 US). A site for The Last Supper painting is this.

The Ariel link is here.

Da Vinci, as presented in various (History Channel) documentary films as well as Dan Brown’s novel (and Columbia Pictures ‘s 2006 movie) “The Da Vinci Code,” was very much a super-individualist Renaissance Man, with artistic and scientific gifts in many areas that coordinated with each other. It makes sense that to Da Vinci music would be coordinated with painting and other arts and science and engineering, rather than followed as a lifetime pursuit for its own sake. But this, generally speaking, is unusual in gifted people.

It would be interesting to get the reaction from other composers (maybe American John Corigliano, of distant Italian descent).

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