Friday, August 03, 2007

Comedy Club in line at the Washington Monument

Well, I paid $4.35 for a timed ticket at the Washington Monument (the real one) at 9 this morning, picked up the ticket in the kiosk-building on 15th St, walked up the incline and found it to be an efficient experience.

As we waited in the time ticked holder's line, the park attendants decided to entertain us with a ten minute comedy club. They said we would climb the 555 feet of stairs because of one them had as training for the 52nd Airborne. At one point they tried to get me to join the act.

I say, invite Hiya Shia LaBeouf to put on an act some time during a visit.

The Monument is the highest structure in Washington DC, whose building height limits have always been controversial. Out in the suburbs, the limits seem to get higher quickly. The other high points are the Capitol, The Post Office Tower, and the Washington Cathedral. At one point, another visitor loaned me his high powered binoculars and I could see a black limousine with Dick Cheney getting at the White House on the Ellipse. Just lime in the movies.

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