Sunday, October 29, 2006

Apex Follies: The Ultimate Halloween Bash

Should a Halloween drag show be on my "stage performances" blog? This was the second in a series at the Apex Club in Washington DC, near Duport Circle. There is a comparable show every Saturday night, replacing the old "Liquid Ladies" parties. When the Velvet Nation closed because of real estate development around the new Washington Nationals baseball stadium (let's hope it is assymetric, like Camden Yards), the Cobalt seemed to be the only major dance floor, so Apex apparently designed an event to attract business that would be going to the old clubs in Southeast DC.

But for the show, it was in two parts. The first was the usual pantomimes, but the contest was really worthy of note. There were about 25 contestants, including seven pink ladies from "Deal or No Deal" (each with a briefcase -- I'd try a parody of "Jeopardy" myself), then a Persian warrior, the girl in a cardboard One Night Stand, a "Tight End" football player too lightweight to make the faltering Redskins (who, however, managed to lose to the 0-5 Tennessee Titans at home when they had led by 11 points at halftime!), and then Adam and Steve, who both exhbited the "theta property". (That is a private code word and just let you guess what it means.) But the most controversial was an Orthodox Jewish rabbi, next to two "women" in burqas, with signes "Miss Baghdad" and "Miss Tikrit," the latter city being the hometown of Saddam Hussein. It is odd at a gay event to find a display that indirectly justifies the president's policy on Iraq! I suppose someone could dress up as Mohammed, and incite anger, as we know from the cartoon controversy--but Islamic law actually only forbids that in Islamic countries.

It's interesting to see the most touchy geopolitical issues (as well as the obvious domestic ones like gay marriage) on display at a gay drag show, less than two weeks before the mid term elections.

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