Saturday, December 08, 2018

Could 3-D printing of musical instruments help schools, and the disabled?

The Smithsonian Magazine reports that artist Kaitlyn Hova is working on a project to use (open source) 3-D printing of musical instruments, specifically to assist schools that have cut music budget programs for STEM (the successor of “no child left behind”, probably).

This would sound feasible with woodwind and maybe brass instruments.  I can’t imagine this with James Pavel Shawcross’s (Aug. 30) pianos and organs (although maybe his percussion could be printed).  However, the video below shows a 3-D printed melodica, which is a small keyboard instrument.

The article explains Hova’s synesthesia, where one sense stimulates another.  She “hears” colors (although that seems to bear on a discussion of perfect pitch (Nov. 29).

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