Tuesday, July 11, 2017

An audience participation movie in Gatlinburg

I’ll write a little blurb about this attraction in Gatlinburg TN as a “stage” event, maybe because I don’t have a recent post here.  It’s the “Shoot ‘em’ Up Cinema”, where people mount a mechanical horse, take a six-shooter, put on VT 3-D glasses, and ride through a movie experience where they can shoot outlaws.

The attraction now describes itself as 7-D.   I know that the Newseum in Washington has 4-D – I think odor, earthquake, maybe moisture count.

It was an interesting experience, to see how well the commercial part of Gatlinburg has recovered from the surrounding wildfire of Nov. 2017.

Nearby Pigeon Forge has a lot of “model world” attractions, like a replica of the Titanic and a model of Hollywood (like a little Vegas).

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