Monday, November 09, 2015

Violinist Tim Fain gives stunning concert at Le Poisson Rouge, Cerrone's Violin Sonata included

The Composers’ Concordance held a concert at Le Poisson Rouge on Bleeker Street in NYC.

Tim Fain, violinist, was the featured performer.

The program opened with a solo piece called “Arches”, by Kevin Puts, rather Paganini-like. If I recall correctly, Fain mentioned the Dalai Lama's ideas as being connected to the piece.

There followed Dan Cooper’s “El Planeta Rojo” with electronic synthesizer, rather modern for the sake of sound effects.

The most important work was the Sonata in D for Violin and Piano by Chris Cerrone(18 min).  The work unfolded as like a Passacaglia (although in quadruple time usually, with a three-note ascending motive), to build toward a triumphant ending on the highest registers of the piano (with Timo Andres as pianist on an electric Yamaha).  The effect becomes a bit like Don Zimmer’s “Inception” score (see review March 22, 2011).  Fain has actually worked on music scores, like “12 Years a Slave” (with Zimmer) and with Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake” for Darren Aronofsky’s “Black Swan”.

(See Movies blog Nov. 9 for three more pieces accompanying short films, including a 20-minute video on modern Beirut.)

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