Sunday, October 25, 2015

Timonium MD train show adds exhibits, even invokes "Wicked" show as a tunnel takes the rider into another dimension

I put train shows on this blog, which may seem a bit extraneous.

Today I revisited the Timonium, MD show, this time in the Cow Palace (not San Francisco), spread out over three huge rooms, about ten exhibits.

To me, the most interesting included a European model, with two vertical levels of trains (similar to my screenplay), a coal exhibit (with mountaintop removal), and perhaps the largest (Reading Railroad), and a Z-scale.

But the most interesting of all, from a Baltimore group, showed a tunnel, where inside the train passes through a “Wicked” exhibit, as if going into another dimension before going back out into the world.  This is not a "road to nowhere".  Another exhibit (Meade) kept a section for Hogwarts.

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Clay said...

Here's a link to a shot of my Hogwarts modules in the Meade Area Railroad Society (MARRS) modular layout at the show: