Monday, August 03, 2015

Music industry business models, and artists' livelihoods

The New York Times has an interesting op-ed piece by David Byrne, “Opening the Music Industry’s Black Box”, Sunday August 2, 2015, on p. 4 of “Sunday Review”.  

The article discusses the complicated way that artists can get compensated when their music is streamed.  But it seems as though artists don’t get very much, despite the volume of din from the record companies in opposing “piracy”.

Musicians are indeed entrepreneurs, and I do wonder how some of them manage to live as well as they seem to. (OK, you don’t have to live in Manhattan – Brooklyn will do – or in LA, even Venice or West Hollywood.  You can base operations from medium-price cities.)

The best thing a consumer can do is go to their concerts (paying normal admission) and buying their CD’s (or Mpeg files) legally, for every new work that they release. And you can give to orchestras or music groups that they play with, some of them have 401(c)3’s.  

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