Tuesday, July 14, 2015

"An American Adventure" at Epcot

The Disney Epcot World Showcase offers a half-hour play “The American Adventure” in the theater half way through the exhibit (between Japan and Italy, formally “The United States”).  The theater is modeled after a plantation in Georgia (is it “Tara”?) although it reminds me of “My Old Kentucky Home”.

The play consists of a conversation between Ben Franklin and Mark Twain (aka Samuel Clemens), giving a summary of all of American History since the Revolutionary War. Many “film-strip” stills of landscapes from American history are projected as backdrops, on a very wide screen, and there is some moderate stagecraft.

The play is preceded by the “Voices of Liberty” singing in a hallway a cappella. 

One of my own screenplays is called “American Epic”.


So this play might challenge a recent Vox article that the American Revolution was not good for a lot of people.  l 

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