Thursday, February 05, 2015

Charleston SC piano store is the only one left (in town) as traditional business declines

Here’s another story about the decline in the conventional piano business.  In Charkeston, DC Fox Music (link ) is the only piano store in town. There used to be eight competitors. 
Fewer kids take piano than in the past, and the conventional piano business has to compete with the electronic pianos, where compositions are already stored and can be played.
On the other hand, kids who want to go into music and actually use technology effectively need to be good at playing their original instruments.  You could almost say that’s a lesson of the recent hit film “Whiplash”.  It’s true for people successful in boy bands or other pop culture.  They started with real instruments, including piano.  Justin Timberlake actually plays a conventional Steinway quite well (he did it on “Ellen” one time). 

The NBC broadcast included a teen playing some Haydn. 
There was an earlier story on this problem January 3.
Wikipedia attribution link for Charleston scene, by Meltzabeth123, Creative Commons Share Alike 3.0 

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