Saturday, December 13, 2014

US Botanical Garden has revised its train show to look like its a real kingdom

It may seem a bit pretentious to put train shows on the “drama page”, but they are performances, or a sort. This morning, while the March on Washington Against Police Violence was gathering to start, I snuck over to the US Botanical Garden at the foot of Capitol Hill to check out the holiday show.

The trains used to be partly outside and broken into separate segments.  But this time, there is a specific room for the trains, which run on three levels, including one overhead.

There are coastal cliffs and tunnels, and a look that seems to come from The Hobbit (does Tolkien have trains?  I know Clive Barker does in the Third Dominion of Imajica).  There are artifacts from early America, however, like Coney Island, which, however, is actually in a flat area. There is also a pirate ship in dock from Treasure Island. 

There is also an underwater area, with a mermaid.

The highest level seems to make a complete loop around the room. 

I wonder how this compares to the layout in the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. 

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