Saturday, December 20, 2014

Baltimore fire department has elaborate "train garden" for Christmas

In Baltimore, the fire department on Glen Avenue (in the Pimilico area NW of downtown) has “train garden open for extensive hours during the Christmas season .

You walk around it in a circle, much as with “Roadside America”.  There three levels, with the second split into two separate mountain loops, and then one streetcar line that is open on each end.
Around the layout there are numerous villages, more or less early American, very much in the style of early Baltimore, which in a totally different world from Washington 40 miles away.  One of the villages has a gingerbread style a bit like Tolkien,

Then there is a surburban development with a tornado that actually spins, digging a hole in a vacant yard among the houses.

There is a typical amusement park, and also an elaborate ski resort.

(Video above shows the tornado). 

You have to know Baltimore pretty well to find it;  streets are not well marked and signs are hard to read at night. 

Update: Dec. 22

There is  smaller train exhibit in the main level lobby at Union Station of Washington DC for Christmas; photography hindered by plexigalss

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