Tuesday, November 11, 2014

"The Concert for Valor" on the Mall in Washington DC on Veterans Day

HBO, Chase and Starbucks are presenting The Concert for Valor Tuesday, November 11, 2014, Veterans Day, link here

The enormous temporary stage is erected about two-thirds down the Mall toward the Capitol. 
One of the best coverages with many videos is on NBC Washington, here
There are many tributes to veterans, including one who became a teacher in a section of the Chicago school system where only 6% go to college.  One of his students recently got into West Point.
Another veteran had lost both legs to an IUD and was in a medically induced coma but had learned bicycle racing.

I watched some of the concert at the Westover Market in Arlington, over a catfish dinner.  I actually gave them the channel, as 301, but when I got home, I found the best channel was 300, which is HD.  Sorry about that.

One person there described the experience of being on an upper floor of the World Trade Center North Tower on the day of the February 26, 1993 garage attack. We also got into the discussion of artists like Taylor Swift not wanting their music to be streamed as singles anymore. 
AXS has a list of performers at its site here .  An early highlight was Carrie Underwood. Rihanna brought the crowd down with "Diamonds in the Sky" and then "Stay".  
The MC made an odd mention of Belize and “Heisenberg”, not sure what it meant. 

I can imagine how this concert would have filled up the new Trump hotel in the Old Post Office, at $700 a night, if it were done.  
The event (“THE” concert for valor) takes on a much more positive meaning now that “don’t ask, don’t tell” is repealed.  There is something about equality, not just parity, when it comes to putting oneself in line for sacrifice.  

Update:  Nov. 12

WJLA is reporting "Eminem's expletive-filled performance ruins event for veterans", link here.  Steve Rudin, a weather reporter, tweeted the story.  Eminem has been associated with homophobic slurs, during the time of the debate over "don't ask don't tell". Yet, the concert did conclude with an energetic outburst on stage.  Was that Eminem in the hoodie?

Bruce Springsteen (one of George Gilder's favorites) drew criticism for his anti-war songs (Washington Post story).

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