Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Otto Blucker's "All Summer Long" featuring Timo Descamps is available

A song “All Summer Long” by Swedish artist Otto Blucker, with Timo Descamps singing, is available as a 2-item album on both iTunes and Amazon (the price is slightly lower on Amazon), for cloud album ownership. One of the songs is a slightly shorter "radio version".  Here's the Facebook link
Timo’s voice sounds very clear and sharp and familiar (“Rewind”…), familiar to anyone who has watched “Tomorrow” or “Like It Rough” on YouTube.  The song seems to be in the key of A-flat Major (according to my Casio).   The style of music suggests disco dancing, but closer in mood to what was popular in the 80s and 90s (definitely not “hip hop”). 
The album was available Aug. 29.  About the time of the summer solstice, Timo tweeted a picture of Stockholm at about 11 PM, which I retweeted especially to weather reporters in DC.  I was in Norway and Sweden in late July and early August in 1972, getting as far north as Kiruna, north of the Arctic Circle.  
There was daylight at 2 AM. 

Wikipedia  picture of Stockholm (author Max Anderson CC/SA 3.0 unported). 

Update: Nov. 8

Preview of "Find You" and Numb" here (from Sound Cloud).  Notice how crisp Timo's voice sounds, excellent pitch accuracy.  Note the lyrics that start with "Hiding isn't what we do."  This music needs another "Like It Rough" video.  

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