Friday, May 30, 2014

"And then You Shoot Your Cousin", hip-hop chamber song cycle from The Roots in NYC

I’ve used Windows environments for most of my work other than recording my piano music, but today I used it to purchase the chamber-combo-hip-hop song cycle “And Then You Shoot Your Cousin” from “The Roots”, the official band on NBC’s Jimmy Fallon Tonight show (May 20).  Apple had the correct credit card stored, and the Apple account seemed to work OK, and iTunes seemed to handle everything on the MacBook.  The cost is $9.99, comparable to mpg purchases on Amazon. The purchase link is here. You can get iTunes on Windows, but I’ve had trouble in my Windows 7 machine with it.
The title of the piece (running about 35 minutes, with 11 tracks) reminds me of what just happened on the NBC Soap “Days of our Lives”, where Will Horton has just confessed to shooting (and killing) his evil cousin Nick Fallon (no connection to Jimmy, I don’t think – but it’s all curious coincidence, isn’t it.)

The content seems to have to do with coming doom, the end of the world, and that somehow things will be better, just maybe.  The Roots is listed as the performer in eight of the items. Solosits include Nina Simone, Mary Lou Williams, and Michel Chion.  The last of these performs a bizarre setting of “Dies Irae”.  “Dice Raw” and “Greg Porn” perform in three of the items’  Raheem DeVaughn performs in the last two; Patty Crash also performs.  Several tracks are marked explicit.

The style is iconoclastic. You have to imagine hip-hop being mixed with genuine chamber music, with percussion thrown in.
The lines become “classical” and “popular” music get ever more blurred.

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