Sunday, April 27, 2014

Some solo trumpet jazz music outside Nationals game today in Washington

I don’t know that a baseball game is quite the cultural event (a play or concert) usually on this blog, but I thought I would note that a female jazz player did quite a bif of improvising on a solo trumpet on Half-Street outside Nationals Park before the game.

The Nationals lost, 4-2.  In the second inning, a Nationals player, Danny Espinosa, was hit in the head (on a helmet) lay on the ground for a moment, but got up and stayed in the game. 

Later, the US Army Chorus, which had performed last Sunday at the Easter Sunrise Service, sung “God Bless America”.  It sounded like Reagan all over again (or maybe Kate Smith.
Brief correction and update:

It turns out that Espinosa was hit on the knee by the pitch and seems OK.  But Bryce Harper is out for at least two months with thumb ligament surgery. 

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