Thursday, March 20, 2014

Drew Boushka's "Love Without End": Is he a distant relative of mine?

I found a singer online with the same last name as mine.  He is Drew Boushka, a few decades younger than me.  Since my last name is rather unusual, especially with its spelling (based on Bohemian and possibly Russian sources), I wonder if he could be a distant relative on my father’s side of the family.  My father was born in Iowa in 1903.  Most people with this last name lived in Kansas or Iowa in past decades.  I believe that my paternal grandfather had emigrated from what is now the Czech Republic around 1870, and adopted the Baptist faith before coming to the US. 
The main course online is a CD or MP3 offering (the latter is $8.99 on Amazon) called “Love Without End”.  I purchased this cloud copy. His singing style is romantic and somewhat resembles Josh Groban, although the levels of passion are not quite as pronounced and the accompaniment is simpler.  The music seems to have Christian lyrics, but only lightly so.  The fifth of the pieces, “The Night You Danced with Me” may be the best known, and sounds familiar already to the ear. 
Musical genes may well run in the family, both sides. 

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