Thursday, August 01, 2013

Igigi Studios has some new music; Timo Andres offers "Home Stretch" CD

I’ll preface this review post with a few smaller avant garde musical items that I found at a (LA-based) site called “Igigistudios”.  There’s a lot of new short film and music there, but today I’ll mention three items.

There is a video music piece called “Snow White” (about 5 minute), by “Sur Realismo” and “Touche”.  The moog-like music is accompanied by an underwater visual art display, toward the end by two unidentifiable swimmers.   The link is here

Next to the “Music” link there is an item called “Projects”, two art-music pieces by Gianna Ferreya and Dylan Thomas Wilter, two movements of a suite called “In Between Buildings”.  The first movement is called “December” (2 min) and the second, “Sensory Stimulation” (4 min), with abstract video (perhaps about the origin of life, maybe an answer to the 1980 movie “Altered States”).

Igigi has a number of other videos on YouTube (not yet moved to the new site) like "I'm a Man, Not a Machine" -- I wonder if that title is inspired by Jaron Lanier's book "You Are Not a Gadget".

The site does have some short films by Reid Ewing and Jason Greene, some of which have been discussed on the movies blog, and it has other short film documentary that I’ll come back to later.  I doesn’t have any of Reid’s own music (that’s on YouTube); maybe we’ll see more of that soon.

I also wanted to mention a CD released by Nonesuch Records (534416-2) and composer Timo Andres July 30.  (Why are these releases always on Tuesdays?)  The CD is called “Home Stretch”, and that is the name of the first piece, an 18-minute Piano Concerto in three sections with increasing tempo, played by the composer with the Metropolis Ensemble (NYC) conducted by Andrew Cyr.  The program notes report that Timo composed this piece for the degree recital for pianist David Kaplan (who had performed with him on “Shy and Mighty”, May 2010, his link is here  ).  The second item is the “recomposition” of the Mozart Piano Concerto #26 (“Coronation”), and the last item is “Paraphrases on Themes of Brian Eno”.
I have to say that not everyone likes the idea of the Mozart recomposition.  There is a blog post by John Montanari on NPR, "Recomposition, or self-indulgence?" here,
I see that I had discussed actual performances of these works on Dec. 9, 2010 (the day before my own mother’s final decline, and two days before a big concert in NYC on Dec 11 there), and Nov. 18, 2010.

Note, January 27, 2014:  Timo's co-producer David Frost won best producer at the Grammy's, link here (item 72).

Update:  July 30, 2014

Timo Andres now jas a detailed article in Wikipedia here.

Igigistudios's content disappeared in June.  The site is still on Twitter and told me it would have a new site.

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