Saturday, June 01, 2013

"School of Rock" concert by high school kids in Silver Spring MD, outdoor mall

One June 1, 2013, I encountered an outdoor rock concert in the main outdoor pedestrian downtown of Silver Spring, MD called “School of Rock”.

The concert players all seemed to be high school or possibly middle school students.

The music was very “hard rock” – heavy rhythms and jive, with guitar and percussion, relatively little melody.  This was not the music of “The Blend”. 

It seemed to continue all afternoon and was still going on when I left the area at 7:30 PM (I had been to the AFI Silver theater).

“The kids” can start out with piano and wind up here.  There’s nothing wrong – all modes of music seem to merge in the modern world, anyway.  Just ask John Adams.  

I don't know what the licensing rules are for performing current rock in an outdoor community like this, especially when "it's free".

Update: June 22

Apparently Silver Spring hosts this every Saturday.  Today, a female rock bank was performing behind the AFI Silver Theater (AFI Docs).

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