Sunday, March 10, 2013

Maryland museum has complete display of century-old musical instruments; more on Sousa, jazz

The "Frostburg Museum", in alpine Frostburg MD (I discussed it in more detail today on my IT Jobs blog) has a lot of older musical instruments on display.
The most notable is the exhibition of an old brass ensemble that would play those loud marches by John Phillip Sousa.
There were also some old pianos (some with fewer than 88 keys), organs, accordions, and most of all 78-rpm record players.  I used to play Sousa marches on them!
Today, the Trinity Presbyterian Church in Arlington offered the Trinity Jazz Ensemble to provide all the music for the long service in the gymnasium including an annual meeting.  Yes, it was packed, despite beginning an hour and a half earlier than usual (including the Daylight Savings Time spring forward), but people started leaving before the meeting (as did I), despite lunch afterward. 
 I;ve never been one for marching and playing music in uniform, but "here it is":

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