Monday, February 04, 2013

Model railroad at Antietam Station would appeal to Stephen Hawking

Sunday, I visited the Antietam Station model railroad setup, in Sharpsburg MD, across the Potomac from Shepherdstown, WVa.  Sunday Feb. 3 marked the last show for the post-Christmas season.

There were two tiny toy layouts and an interesting Brio, but the main room expressed a concept I had not seen before.

The “two halves” were fronts for separate railroads.  The larger scale “backside” ran underneath the smaller N-scale, but you could still see it.  It also ran another branch underneath the backside of the smaller layout, in a manner complicated to explain.  There were various tunnels and canyons to peer into.  Imagine waking up in a world like this, going exploring, and figuring out you had been captured and made an exhibit in someone else’s Twilight Zone. 
The two layouts were like “Dominions” in Clive Barker’s novel “Imajica”, to be reconciled only in specialized crossings (like ”The Erasure”).  It’s like being right next door to a parallel universe that is still normally inaccessible.  It’s a nice cosmology lesson. 

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