Sunday, December 16, 2012

White House Nation's Christmas Tree offers large, partitioned model railroad

I stumbled upon another model railroad Sunday night when I walked over to the Ellipse to see the National Christmas Tree.

There was a model railroad in three parts: an external circle, then a complicated structure closer to the tree with trestles and bridges, and then three Midwestern villages, all similar, one with some factories and a “Bates House”, and all with their own local railroads.

There was a male glee club that sang “barber shop quartet” music, a cappella, from the 1940s (Bugler Boy, etc.) 

There was an ample crowd of families early Sunday evening, Dec. 16, maybe 300 people, in mild, drizzly and foggy weather.  It’s too warm for mid-December.

To the south of the tree the White House has displayed a large Hanukkah Menorah.    

Here's another ambiguous sculpture nearby on 15th St. across from Treasury and PNC. 

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