Monday, August 06, 2012

"One Night With Janice Joplin": a reprise of the good old days

The Allen Theater in the Cleveland Playhouse on Euclid St. airs “One Night With Janice Jopilin” with Mary Bridget Davies playing Janice, singing and with monologues.  Here is the Playhouse link.

On Sunday night, the show is early, and I arrived, randomly, just two minutes late for the box office computer to sell me a ticket.  Nevertheless, there is a log on YouTube that displays Janice’s lifetime or work. Some of the songs, which recall my own boyhood summers in Ohio in the 50s are “One Night Stand”, “To Love Somebody”, “Me and Boby McG” (like the TV thriller director?), and “Piece of My Heart”.  No, there's no "Long Tall SallY", like we used to play in farmhouse. That was pre-draft Elvis. talks with Randy Johnson and Davies on YouTube here.

Of course, the run of the Janice Joplin reprise echoes the presence of the huge "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" (or "Rock Hall") the Erie lakefront, link

Below: Playhouse Row on Euclid Street, Cleveland's theater district.

And "Cork's" restaurant and bar is right there for theater goers.
Cleveland has come a long way in recent years, but (like Detroit and other rust belt cities) it really needs the "new economy":  sports, high tech, media, movies, arts, and health care for Canadians on waiting lists. All of these. most of all the latter, can generate new kinds of jobs.

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