Thursday, July 12, 2012

Avid makes confusing statement about its commitment to Sibelius (music software)

The company that owns Sibelius software, Avid, has put out a confusing statement about its sale of M-audio, and of its “commitment” to Sibelius, the music software for which I forked over about $1000 last spring.  The statement refers to reducing the size of a corporate location in the UK and presumably downsizing of staff.  It sounds to me like the corporate "public relations" ought to be out on the hangman's plank for cuts. 

Is Avid pulling our leg, or is this press release just an example of poor writing?  We don't need emulations of Jonathan Swift.  I don't need more reminders of high school English literature!

The statement link is here

There is a Facebook page for Sibelius here

Good holding companies leave their component staffs alone. 

By the way, I don’t need to take the time to hear that lovely passage from the Sibelius Symphony #7 every time I open the product.  The excerpt is wonderful (this was an important work to me my high school Senior year), but you can tire of it every single day. 

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