Friday, May 25, 2012

My own quick review of Vegas: a model of the world

Well, Sunday night I played Randall Flagg and walked fast through the streets of Cibola, and rode the new  monorail.

The Las Vegas strip has become even longer and more complicated since my previous visit in 2000, as well as a visit in December 1997 when I had stayed at the Luxor.

I recall a great ballet show at the Luxor, “Atlantis”, in three acts, with acrobats performing in the air above the audience.  In 1997, there was also a small Egyptian exhibit.  Now there is a Titanic Artifacts exhibit.

I parked in the Palazzo (free), and figured out how to navigate through various other casinos and the Monorail to Paris, France.

The sizes of the casinos are quite overpowering, with no horizons visible on the floors. They tend to become interconnected.  I found my way through  Harrah’s, then Bally’s (passing a bizarre body skin toning exhibit) to Paris, and passed a (female) comedy show at Napoleon’s, and an enormous amount of French space, more or less a model of Paris.  It’s like a mini trip to Europe.

In 1997, I had also watched the 20-minute Pirate Show at Treasure Island (across Las Vegas Blvd from the Palazzo and Venetian).  Now, the show seems divided into two spaces, and people get in line to eat dinner while watching it.

Here’s a clip from the Treasure Island show, New Years, 1997:

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