Thursday, April 19, 2012

Getting into the air recording old piano compositions into Sibelius 7

Well, I’m getting going somewhat with Sibelius 7.  Today, playing an 88-key Casio, I recorded  (from “Record” from Note Input) a piano prelude (about 4 pages) from 1974, mostly jumping from the keys of D and E.  I also recorded (and reconstructed) a lost piece called “Waterfall” from 1973, which I once played at Morris County GAA in New Jersey.  Something funny happened on that one.  When I went to append some material to the “coda”, it recorded over the linear opening and created some polyphony.  I rather liked how it came out!  The Sibelius “Flexi-Time” does a reasonable job of deciphering normal rubato into predictable measure.

 On one file that I entered by hand, Sibelius playback plays only the Treble Clef; I don’t know why.

I do need to play these pieces better.  When I play them in my head, the progressions of dissonances weaving in and out sound like part of my own DNA. But they're performed more crisply in my imagination than my rusty technique can muster.  Teaching older fingers to play?  Need a real pianist? 

I’ll have to work on how to make the .sib files into .mpg’s and get some material uploaded into YouTube or Blogger.  Right now, I don’t know how this logistics works out, since my infrastructure is split between PC and Mac.  

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