Friday, March 02, 2012

Loaded Sibelius 7 (pun) on my MacBook; let the recomposition begin

I finally got Sibelius 7 loaded, on my MacBook.  The main application installs quickly, but the sound library, on 3 CD’s, takes about two hours.  Also included were Photo Score Ultimate and Audio Score Ultimate, to create scores from PDF or mp3 files.

On Quick Start and New Score I entered just one twelve tone row, to get started.  Very quickly I’ll get into how to use the product and get my inventory of music from high school and college days entered.

When you start the application, for the first time, you hear some of the Sibelius Symphony #7 in C, a thickly scored part near the end.  The piece is famous for its one-movement form with constantly alternating tempi and character. A harmonic device in the work is said to allude to Wagner’s “Tristan and Isolde”.  My own recording of that work is with Jarvi on Chandos. But in my high school days, I believe I had Beecham’s performance. 

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