Sunday, March 11, 2012

DC Church has "Celebration of Black Composers in Art Songs and Spirituals"

The First Baptist of the Church of the City of Washington DC held a “Celebration of Black Composers in Art Songs and Spirituals” today at 4 PM.

The soloists were Samantha McElany, Alia Waheed, Bridgett Cooper, Issachah Savage, Kevin Thompson, and pianist Victor Simonson.

The first past of the concert comprised ten art songs, most very short. Three of the songs were (music) by H. Leslie Adams. One of them is “Amazing Grace”, and it is not the familiar tune. There was one song with music by  Samuel Coleridge-Taylor.

The Spirituals portion had thirteen songs, the first two being “Traditional”, a cappella.  For the second of these, Mr. Savage slowly walked down to the front of the sanctuary.  The next-to-last spiritual was “Scandalize My Name”, sung by the three female performers.  The title makes me think of “online reputation” on Google and Facebook.  The last song, with the entire ensemble, was “Witness”.

This was “church” on “Daylight Savings” Sunday.

Afterwards, I tried dinner at a Vegan restaurant (the Cafe Green) on 17th Street.  I’d never done this before.  The veggie “burger” and “cole slaw” were delicious.  To make up for the low fat, the recipes are heavily spiced to make the food taste good.  Maybe Bill Clinton will try the place.   

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