Wednesday, November 02, 2011

New digital music publishing platform announced (Schott/EAM)

Project Schott New York (PSNY)  (associated with European American Music Distributors, or EAM) has announced its formation of a “digital music publishing edition” with this “about” link recently. It writes “Composers of today possess a self-producing capacity that is far beyond the capacities of any other era in the history of notated music.”  None of this would have happened without Steve Jobs (see movies blog, Nov. 3). 

Visitors will want to peruse the “Blog”  (most recent announcement Nov. 1), and especially the FAQ at the bottom of the home page to see how rental of scores for perusal works.  

This company will become a major resource in getting new music heard by more people.But the company is obviously selective about the works it accepts. Sometimes individual movements of works are published alone. 

Frank J. Oteri has a news story about the group on a web news site called “New Music Box” here  This is a bit down the pike for me, still.  

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