Monday, October 03, 2011

NBC airs report on making Broadway's "Lion King" suitable for autistic students

Tonight, NBC Nightly News, in its “Making a Difference” series, ran a report on autism-friendly performances of the Broadway adoption of the (Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff) Disney film “The Lion King  (lyrics Tim Rice, music, Hans Zimmer).  A 3-D version of this stage musical is re-adapted for film and is to be released soon in theaters by Disney.

The NBC report covered the way a legitimate stage performance is modified for an audience sensitive to sudden changes in stimulation, including sudden loud noises (which I have always disliked) and lights.

In the stage versions, actors wear giant animal costumes, and hollow puppets are also used. 

I saw the original Disney film in 1992 and was quite moved by it. I remember the songs about being oneself. 

I'm reminded of another stage-movie comparison. Universal sells a DVD of the 25th Anniversary "Les Miserables", but Universal is also producing a "real movie" of it directed byTom Hooper. 

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