Saturday, August 13, 2011

Arlington County VA Fair has major Civil War reenactment in mobile van

The County Fair in Arlington VA this weekend (the 35th Annual) featured the “Civil War 150 Historymobile” (link), with an exhibit inside that resembled a miniature “Revolutionary City”. There was a simulation of an 1862 battle scene, with a letter written by a Confederate soldier from Mississippi as he bled to death from a mangled shoulder. There were exhibits with audio stories of slaves who had to decide whether to escape and join the Union Army and believe stories that they would be shackled. (Revolutionary City in Williamsburg dramatizes similar quandaries for slaves during Colonial times.)  The last showed the home front, where Virginians had to do without, and learn to “make apple pie without apples.”

Inside, in the fair space set up at Thomas Jefferson Middle School (where I have subbed in the past), there were various contest exhibits, and various organizations, including Washington-Lee High School Alumni (I am a 1961 graduate), and the Potomac Harmony Chorus, an all female a cappella group (link).
Contest pictures: Baking:
Eat your vegetables!:
Chevy Volt car
And engine battery:
"Adopt Me" opportunity for pooches:
Washington-Lee Alumni:

And a painting of the school as it looked when I attended from 1958-1961. Homeroom was in room 307.

The website for the fair is this.  In Chrome, the PC froze for a second as the website loaded the embedded pictures, then was OK.  (In web programming, that's called "unsafe code" where a script doesn't release memory properly while it runs; it doesn't hurt anything but make the site slow.)  That's not the best way for a sophisticated website to behave.

From Indianapolis: 

There is Breaking News on CNN: a stage collapsed at a Sugarland concert at the Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis this evening (link).

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