Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kagel's composition for 111 cyclists

There is a composition by Mauricio Kagel, “Eine Brise” (“A Little Breeze”) to be performed by 111 bicycles with bells. It gets put on in a number of cities. Composer Timo Andres has an account of its being put on in Greenwich Village in NYC on June 21, Summer Solstice Day, (website url) here. -- he gives a three minute embedded Twitter video short film. I guess there’s no connection to Beethoven or Prokofiev’s Op. 111, or at least I don’t hear it. Maybe there’s a connection to Prokofiev’s ironic finale.

It doesn’t look like a race, just slow motion, sort of Andante Commodo.

I've tweeted about bad amateur biker behavior, like going against traffic when not in a bike lane and going through red lights at the same time, when a driver who cannot see the biker needs to make a right turn with a green light.

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