Tuesday, February 01, 2011

"The Cutting Edge" in London may have a new approach to bringing quality music to film scores

Michael Cieply has a recent story in various media (including the New York Times Business Day Jan. 31) about a new model for film music. A movie production company signs a contract with a UK company called “The Cutting Edge”, which takes over the entire responsibility for the film music and gets more ownership and distribution rights for the music.  The increased revenue  and economy of scale enables the production to hire larger orchestras and more expensive artists to “get the music right”.  The Live Mint link is here

The Cutting Edge has its own account of its work for “The King’s Speech” here.  My main review of the film is on the movies blog Dec. 20.

Could the Cutting Edge help new composers get into film?

Picture: Le Poisson Rouge, NYC, Oct. 2010. 

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