Sunday, December 05, 2010

Arlington VA: "Liberal" Presbyterian congregation and LDS join forces for unusual Christmas concert

For the second straight year, and one week earlier than in 2009, the Arlington Trinity Presbyterian Church and the Ward 2 of the Arlington Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints joined for a service “The Sounds of Christmas: Carols of the Season”.

The music included “The Is No Rose of Such Virtue” by Stephen Caracciolo, an organ Toccata on “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” by Clay Christiansen (rather polytonal), played by Carol Feather Martin, the lilting and tuneful “And His Name Shall be Called Wonderful” by Sal Vittori (LDS) (instead of “Angels’ Carol” by John Rutter), and the “The Ringing In of Christmas” by William Payn, which was superimposed on the congregation’s singing “Silent Night!” with some polytonality again. (Yes: Christmas carols can use some polytonality, like Mozart.) It seemed that F Major carols were transposed up one whole step to G Major (to my ear).

Afterwards there was a sweet dessert pig-out at Trinity. (When traveling in rural Utah, I have found that restaurants wouldn't even serve coffee, but they would offer cholesterol-laden baked desserts.)

One thing about concerts in Mormon churches: there are lots of babies and small children calling, and there are lots of bassinets around. Phillip Longman would approve. The Washington Times should have covered this event.

Again, one thing I've notices: kids that go to church (or synagogue or mosque), whether politically liberal or conservative, do better in school.

It was a windy night, with a departing snowstorm that had dived to Richmond after missing us, but leaving us windwhipped.

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