Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Speakeasy DC holds show and party at Town Disco

Tonight, I went to the Speakeasy DC for the first time, held at the Town DC Discotheque at 8th and U Sts. NW.

The theme for this evening’s session was “Curiosity Killed the Cat”

About ten speakers told funny stories, a couple of them centering around hidden diaries and fake diaries – on paper, the stuff of Victorian novels – and definitely the antithesis of blogging (call it anti-blogging). “Eric”, from Kansas City. (Eric also made an allusion to the movie “Rope”, and noted that student lockers in high school aren’t very secure.) The first of the speakers talked in about his education in the basics of life. There was vague stuff about how to divorce your parents.

The event served a buffet for $10, and there was an intermission after one hour. About 9:30, the show converted to “livewire” speeches that were limited to three minutes.

The Town DC property would be a good venue on other weeknights for screenplay readings with actors, or even “real indie” underground films. Good examples to look at: the Jungle Theater, and Bryant Lake Bowl, both in the Lake Street/Uptown area of Minneapolis.

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