Thursday, April 01, 2010

Entertainers recall Michael Jackson at Washington DC Cherry Blossom festival

Well, the cherry blossoms in Washington do look a little less robust this year after all the blizzards, and it seemed (on the peak day) that the prevalence for white blossoms over pink was greater than before. In 2004, on a Sunday afternoon, I got stuck in traffic for two hours; I’ve never done it in a car since.

The official site for the Cherry Blossom Festival is here.

The Entertainment Bandstand was active. As I arrived, Marilyn Duncan was finishing, and Kim Cameron’s FX Side band started, with Michael Jackson music. For example, “Beat It” with the line about not worrying about what hurtful talk comes from the political Right. I remember Jackson’s skit in the 1993 Super Bowl (Los Angeles) halftime, imitating the Marine Corps in the year that President Clinton had started the debate on lifting the ban on gays in the military.

The following YouTube video of the festival was posted by TomirisKz.

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